Britain’s Royal Family gets Funko treatment in Pop! Royals debut

The Royal Family is coming to the toy aisle as Funko Pop! toys.

The Everett, Wash.-based company revealed its plans for Great Britain’s elite — a heavily collected group — to be found as toys beginning in February.

There are seven toys in this first wave called Pop! Royals and they arrive in advance of the latest royal wedding in May.

Among them will be the late Diana Princess of WalesQueen Elizabeth II with one of her beloved corgis, Charles the Prince of WalesPrince HarryPrince William, and Kate the Duchess of Cambridge. There’s no Meghan Markle (yet) so her Fringe cards will still have to do there.

Diana, who died in 1997, has the only chase figure with a red-gown variant found one in every six toys.

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