Buzz 12 in 12: Busting a 1978 Topps ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ wax pack (Hour 7)

Do you like Buzz Breaks? Today’s your day then as we launch 12 in 12 — a series of a dozen breaks of past wax packs in a dozen hours. We’ll post one every hour on the hour all day long today … this is Hour 7.

12in12-logo-smallerThe pack: 1978 Topps Close Encounters of the Third Kind wax pack
The cost: 

What’s inside this one? Keep reading …

Cards per pack: 8 (seven cards; one sticker — see all in gallery below)
Base set completion: 
7 of 66 (11 percent)
Duplicates: 0

Inserts: 1
Stickers (1) — photo from “Alien Visitors at the Door” card (No. 22)

Autographs/Memorabilia: Maybe in that other galaxy

What’s Buzz-worthy: Want to rip a pack from the 1970s just to say you did? Here’s one option. It’s not that this one is truly that bad — but it is only a $1.50 pack nearly 40 years later for a reason. Imagine your favorite movie — any movie, any genre — and now make a card set without showing your lead actor from any scene. That’s what happened here as Richard Dreyfuss isn’t found at all in the set for this science fiction classic … and I’ll leave it at that as to how it affects the cardboard. (See the grade … and who decided a card set showing a bunch of night scenes should have a black border, anyway?) About the only highlights in this particular pack are for the geology buffs — you can see a pair of cards showcasing Devil’s Tower from the film’s big finale. If you grab a whole set, you’ll find a card showing director Steven Spielberg and a few showing Teri Garr, an Oscar-nominated star of the 1970s and 1980s, and Melinda Dillon, who you might know from A Christmas Story. They weren’t here. Ultimately, this one’s rather forgettable on cardboard but reflects a release that’s actually in the National Film Registry as a “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant film.”

Product Grade: D+
Pack Grade:
Fun Grade: C-

What’s next? Be back in an hour …

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