First Buzz: 2018 Topps Museum Collection baseball cards

What: 2018 Topps Museum Collection baseball cards
Arrives: June 20
Box basics: One autograph, one autographed Relic, one quad Relic and one prime Relic per four-pack box (12 boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: MLB gets the Museum Collection treatment once again with some new touches and some new players.

Keep reading for more as well as a full gallery of images.

The Basics: The format for this one is similar to past years with one framed on-card autograph and one autographed jumbo Relic per case. … The base set will consist of 100 cards once again with Copper, Sapphire (/150), Ameythst (/99), Ruby (/50) and Emerald (1/1 parallels). … There also will be Canvas Collection Originals 1/1 art cards, reprints (one per box) and autographed versions (1/1) to be found. … On the Relic front there will be Meaningful Materials with Copper (/35), Gold (/25), Red (/10) and Emerald (1/1) parallels as well as duals that have Copper, Red and Emeralds to the same volume, too. There also will be Momentous Materials Jumbo Patches will be cards limited to five copies with 1/1 Emerald parallels as well as 1/1 Laundry Tags for as many as 200 players and Museum Memorabilia logoman 1/1s and bat nameplates that also will be 1/1 cards. The Quad Relics lineup also will include Primary Pieces (one player, four pieces) with Copper (/75), Gold (/25) and Emerald 1/1 parallels as well as Legends with Gold (/10) and Emerald (1/1) cards. Four-player Primary Pieces will group players with common ties also with the same parallel rainbow.

Archival Autographs will be numbered with Copper (/50 max), Gold (/25 max) and 1/1 Emerald parallels for more than 60 past and present players and rookies, while Premium Prints (/25), Dual Autos (/15), Triples (/5) and Framed Autos will be in play. The Framed cards will have Silver (/15), Gold (/10), Black (/5) and 1/1 Wood versions. Also to be found will be Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Autos (/15 max) with Gold (/5) and 1/1 Emerald versions and new will be Framed Autographed patch cards (1/1) with on-card autos and game-worn patches. Joining these will be Signature Swatch Dual Relics with Copper (/50 max), Gold (/25) and 1/1 Emeralds alone with the same rainbows for triples where there will be only 25 Coppers and five Golds.

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