Autographs of Alabama’s new star Tua Tagovailoa scorching with national championship win

If you saw this coming, you need to be coaching The Big Game next year — and every year after that.

Alabama freshman QB Tua Tagovailoa took over behind center for the Crimson Tide down 13-0 at halftime and delivered a game-winning 41-yard TD pass to DeVonta Smith in overtime to seal a 26-23 victory.

And that makes his U.S. Army All-American Bowl cards from Leaf Trading Cards the hottest cardboard on the planet for the moment — and there’s a decent amount of options to go around, too.

The newcomer appears on more than 50 different cards and nearly all of them are certified autographs from various sets within one product. Of those, nearly 20 are memorabilia cards.

As for his ink, they’re all from the 2017 release — Etched Metal cards, Tour autographs, standard autographs and autographed patch cards. Recent card sales have reached as much as $359.99 for a 1/1 autographed game-used football card while others have sold for anywhere from $70 to $175 in recent times.

Asking prices reach as high as $399 in active auctions with more likely to come as the Crimson Tide faithful who hadn’t yet grabbed one have others battling for the cards of their new school legend.

Update: Oh and here’s the Sports Illustrated cover for this instant classic.

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