First Buzz: 2018 Panini MetaX Attack on Titan trading card game

What: 2018 Panini MetaX Attack on Titan trading card game
Arrives: March 30
Box basics: 12 cards per booster pack and 24 packs per box (12 boxes per case); 100 cards per starter deck (two 40-card decks; 20 foil parallels)

What’s buzz-worthy: The newest gaming release from Panini America “is built on the MetaX game engine and can be played seamlessly with the Justice League & Green Lantern TCG sets” and is “the first crossover license for MetaX, allowing you to battle with Eren, Mikasa, Levi and more against your favorite DC superheroes.” … Typical boxes will include one Cross Rare, one Active Player and eight foil parallels, while Ultra Rare cards are found in every other box. The overall collection includes 146 booster-exclusive cards with four Cross Rares and two Ultra Rares. … Booster packs carry a $3.99 suggested retail price, while starter decks are $29.99.

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