What’s inside the eighth WWE Slam Crate? Find out right here …


The latest WWE Slam Crate is here and things are getting a little more colorful with a step into today’s WWE on the toy front as we’ve left “The Attiude Era” in the past.

While you can see past Crate breaks here, this newest crate gives us the first female star to appear as a WWE Slam Stars figure — and its theme pretty much gives that surprise away.

It’s “Like a BOSS.”

What’s inside this one? Keep reading …

For $32.99, Buzz got five items inside this crate — a mix of collectibles, usable everyday items and other items all with a WWE theme.

The biggest highlight in this one is the newest Loot Crate-crafted Slam Stars figures and it’s four-time Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. She joins The Rock, Undertaker, Triple H and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on figures with a unique style that are about five inches tall and includes a quarter of a wrestling ring base that can be joined with others. These are in the same style as the recently touted Sports Crate of MLB stars. (Next month we’ll get Finn Balor as that toy already has been teased.)

The rest of the items in this one? Check them out in the gallery below and then see how Buzz graded this one. (Click for a closer look and a description of the item.)

The Bottom Line: Overall, I’d grade this a A with the figure a big win and the 2018 planner a well-crafted item. I hadn’t intended to open it from its sealed package but it was a surprise when I did. For more info on Slam Crate, click here. 

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