Gwen Stefani ‘Hollaback Girl’ storyboard art hits auction block

A fun and so far inexpensive piece of pop culture history has hit the auction block via Heritage Auctions and it’s a bit bananas.


It’s some artwork form Dan Fraga, an artist who also has worked in comic books and television, and they’re the storyboards for the “Hollaback Girl” video from Gwen Stefani — one of the hits from her debut solo album Love. Angel. Music. Baby. back in 2005.

Storyboards are a series of quick sketches that create a visual guide of sorts for those filming a work whether it be a music video or a film. These sketches and sheet of script/production info from the video are being sold as a single lot and depict a few of the sequences that were super-spliced into the colorful and memorable video, which you can revisit above. A high-school sequence, a marching band sequence and a grocery store sequence are seen in both the storyboards and the final product featuring the Grammy Award-winning singer.

It’s not an exact scene for scene breakdown — some stuff didn’t make the cut — but it’s a general starting point along with some costuming ideas that make up the 21 pages up for grabs in the auction. After six bids, this unique piece sits at a mere $190 — not quite the big, big money you’ll see for intricate inked and published comic book works for iconic characters and their historic debuts, but it’s still something very unique and interesting from the world of pop culture. (There are three days or so remaining in the auction, though, so the auction action could pick up before it’s over.)

You can see all of the pages in the gallery below, but for more info on this one or higher-resolution images, view the auction by clicking here. 

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