Topps launches new year of Topps Now WWE (ongoing 2018 gallery)

Update (Jan. 24): Topps has added two Relics and a base card for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to the lineup one day later. The standard Relics (/25) are $39.99 and the 1/1 version is $499.99.

A big event for the WWE to kickstart its march to WrestleMania has spawned the first 2018 Topps Now WWE cards of the year after the 25th Anniversary of Raw last night in New York.

Four cards will start things off and are up for grabs for the next 24 hours in advance of this weekend’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view, which will likely see some additional returns of past greats just like last night’s nostalgia-filled special — and some additional cardboard next week.

The cards making up this Raw 25 wave include the returning Undertaker and Scott Hall, while The Miz winning the Intercontinental title and the match between John Cena and Elias also made the cardboard cut.

Standard cards are $9.99 with discounts available for bulk purchases (as low as $79.99 for 20) or a four-card bundle ($24.99) and they are made to order once the 24-hour sales window is closed. So if 500 copies are ordered, only 500 will be made.

We’ll add any 2018 Topps Now WWE cards to the gallery below once they arrive.

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