First Buzz: 2018 Pieces of The Past Antiquity Edition trading cards

What: 2018 Pieces of The Past Antiquity Edition trading cards
Arrives: March
Box basics: Three hits per six-card box (10 boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: Super Break once again takes a look at history with cards of notable historic figures as well as memorabilia cards with pieces from past documents and press clippings.

Keep reading for a gallery and more info.

The Basics:
 Each box here ($74.99 suggested retail price) includes three base cards, one Stamp on Our Past Relics, one Pieces of the Past Relic and one In The News Relic. Other inserts will include 1/1 The Bar Cut Autos, 1/1 parallel cards, dual Relics as well as other cards not yet revealed. … Among those appearing on base cards will be Washington, Lincoln, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Mozart, Michelangelo and Queen Victoria to name a few, while stamp topics will include Ghandi, the Girl Scouts, the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, Civil War, Martin Luther King and Davy Crockett among others. In The News card will showcase Amelia Earhart, Princess Diana, The Louisiana Purchase, Titanic, Gold Rush and Pearl Harbor among others, while Pieces of the Past cards will include John Hancock, the Kennedys, the Roosevelts, Charles Lindbergh, Albert Einstein, William Fargo, Joseph Pulitzer. … Just 200 cases will be made.

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