If you’ve wanted to pull a Tom Brady Rookie Card, here’s your shot …

Even if Tom Brady doesn’t get his sixth Super Bowl ring on Sunday, his Rookie Cards from 2000 will remain the hottest cards in the hobby as it’s become abundantly clear that he’s The One to those who target the all-time elite on cardboard.

The biggest challenge to chasing Brady RCs isn’t really finding them — you can, but they’re not cheap — the biggest challenge of them all might be finding wax boxes where you can pull one yourself.

But we’ve got a shot for you to do it over on the main site.

A limited number of 2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond boxes are now in stock and they have a reasonable shot at finding Brady RCs that aren’t among some of his more mass-produced RCs, though these aren’t numbered.

A standard RC here is limited to an announced 2,400 copies, while Gold parallels are serial-numbered to just 500 copies. You can land as many as five RCs per box (with one being a jersey)  if you happen to land a Gold in your box. Brady is among the 30 rookies who appear on non-jersey cards in this one, making him more available than other players who are on one-per-box jerseys.

Why is ripping wax a key here? It’s the most-likely way to land a fresh copy of the card — one that has potential for strong grading returns. A PSA 10 copy of his Gold parallel has sold for as much as $1,925 — and that was last November before this Super Bowl appearance became a reality — while a PSA 10 copy of his standard card has sold for as much as $750. Graded copies, no matter what the grade, routinely sell for $400 and up, while raw copies have gone for as much as $375 — but again that was last November. (Nearly all copies are being sold graded on eBay.)

Asking prices in active auctions now? They’re even more lofty — as high as $5,999 for a BGS 10 — with the PSA 10 Golds having a high of $3,000 Buy It Now. Raw Golds have asking prices of more than $1,200, while raw standard versions are just short of that mark.

While those may sound crazy, the demand for Brady’s rarer rookie parallels and his signed 2000 Playoff Contenders RC has been even crazier of late — and it could heat up even more if he starts a ring collection for his other hand on Sunday in Super Bowl LII.

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