Chinese version of Panini Revolution heats things up before U.S. arrival

Some recently released NBA cardboard with extra international appeal could make its way into your collection soon.

It’s the 2017-18 Panini Revolution Chinese New Year’s Edition wax and it will be arriving over at this week when its U.S. arrival date hits on Friday.

(Update: Boxes and cases can be pre-ordered now at the link above.)

Every pack of this one will include one Red Chinese New Year parallel and also one Rookie Card per pack. These boxes do not include autographs, but that hasn’t been a big driver here as collectors are paying big for key cards already pulled overseas from this international-focused release.

Key rookies are the focus of buyers of this one with Jayson Tatum, for example, being a $125 sale on eBay, while other hot rookies like Donovan Mitchell and Lonzo Ball are also commanding good money (as much as $100 in completed auctions, even more in active auctions) considering they’re just red-foil RCs. Even parallel lots are selling well — one auction of 36 cards sold for $90 in the last couple weeks. It’s a simple color switch, but the limited availability due to primary distribution outside of typical hobby channels has made this one a product to watch.

Boxes of this one will arrive at on Friday but can be pre-ordered right here right now. Eight-box cases are also available.

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