Chasing Ichiro Suzuki RC prompts reminder amid June snowstorm

Ichiro-Suzuki-2001-Topps-Rookie-Card-frontIt started with the idea of doing a retro Buzz Break in search of an iconic Rookie Card from not that time ago since Ichiro Suzuki is a player on the verge of making history.

It became a reminder of something else — that not all older wax is made alike.

A $25 retail box of 2001 Topps Series 2 — less than $1 a pack — seemed like a fun Saturday pastime. You know, something to do on a rainy day that might provide more than standard cardboard and the basic inserts guaranteed inside. After cracking the first pack, though, it was apparent that there wouldn’t just be rain in June — there also would be a snowstorm.

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Ichiro Suzuki’s 3,000-hit conquest may hit its finale sooner than later

1993-BBM-ichiro-suzukiHe’s been a legendary hitter in MLB since arriving in a Seattle Mariners uniform back in 2001, and he’s now 42 years old and on a tear with 10 hits in his last three games for the Miami Marlins.

He’s Ichiro Suzuki and he’s just 40 hits away from the 3,000 Hit Club as a major-leaguer. (Throw on 1,434 hits in Japan and, well, that’s a career mark even Pete Rose should appreciate.)

Even if you’re a deep-pocketed collector, chasing Ichiro cardboard isn’t easy. He’s been in high demand since his legendary Rookie of the Year/MVP season and there’s plenty of cardboard from that year alone. There’s also been plenty since. And there are also plenty of collectors from around the world who are watching his cardboard just as intently as they are watching the box scores right now.

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