Cards of Internet All-Star John Scott sell pretty well for a journeyman

John-ScottWhen is a guy not an All-Star but an All-Star — yet not an All-Star even when he’s an All-Star?

When his name is John Scott.

The tale of a journeyman’s route to the NHL All-Star Game — but not — is one that has a lot of details and seemingly a lot of politics. (It’s a story that SBNation is all over here.) The basics? A fan vote led to a guy who’s played for six teams in eight seasons with 11 career points making the team. Then, when he was traded and demoted, he’s no longer eligible for the game.

And all this, naturally, had Buzz wanting a hockey card … and it turns out they’re selling pretty well for a 33-year-old journeyman All-Star.

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