eBay Buzz: We all know Stephen Curry Rookie Cards are hot sellers … but can they really be this hot?

Stephen-Curry-Topps-Rookie-CardEvery once in a while, a player takes over the spotlight in a sport and leading non-collectors to be so intrigued that they battle for cardboard in online auctions without the typical (restraining) mindset of what something should sell for.

There’s nothing wrong with that — if they want it and they’ll pay it, that’s what it’s worth to them  right then.

Right now, Stephen Curry is that player, and, right now, one of those cards is his 2009-10 Topps Rookie Card — one of 27 RCs that he has and one that has no frills and shows him in the simplest of forms. It’s essentially a mugshot in a T-shirt or warmup jacket as Topps was finishing its run with the NBA license at that time.

This no-thrills piece of cardboard — and its parallel counterparts — are scorchers that just might surprise collectors right now.

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