Things heat up with 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Mike Trout autographs

There are parts of the collecting world simply off the radar for many of us because we’re priced out — cards that are so pricey that we’re talking new car territory at times.

One of those cards making eBay headlines of late is the 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Mike Trout autograph in all of its various rainbow incarnations.

The card above reportedly sold for $15,600 in March and it’s not alone as a jaw-dropper. Graded non-Refractors have reportedly gone for as much as $4,999 just last week and raw copies have reportedly topped $3,000. These crazy auctions are not alone as there have been plenty of these cards sold.

The Superfractor was pulled long ago, too, but it can be yours for a price.

Where’s “The Million-Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase when you need him?

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eBay Buzz: Is his really a $500,000 Mike Trout baseball card?

MIke-Trout-2009-Bowman-Chrome-Draft-Superfractor-AuctionSo, what’s the best card of one of Major League Baseball’s top two players worth?

You could find out soon as Mike Trout‘s Superfractor from 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft is on the auction block. The asking price? A mere $500,000 Buy it Now — or best offer.

(No, seriously, go look.)

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eBay Buzz: Asking price for top Bryce isn’t close to top Trout sale

Bryce-Harper-BGSEither Bryce Harper or Mike Trout who will come to mind first if it’s a debate of who’s the best in the game, but sometimes it’s fun just to look at the outrageous asking prices for these types of players’ key cards on eBay.

The 2011 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs Refractor you see above leads the league among current auctions for Harper, checking in with an asking price of $24,999.99 Buy it Now. (No, seriously, go look.)

As goofy as that one might be, consider that the top Trout price — one reportedly paid — is even higher. That one’s for a BGS 10 first Bowman Chrome Refractor auto with a serial number matching Trout’s No. 27 on the field.

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