Buzz Break: 2011 Topps WWE Classic cards (hobby box)


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a-j-leeThe box: 2011 Topps WWE Classic cards (hobby box)
Where to buy:

Packs per box: 24
Cards per pack: 6
Cards in this box: 142
Base set completion: 
90 of 90 (100 percent)
Duplicates: 49

Notables on base cards – A.J. Lee, Batista, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, C.M. Punk, Daniel Bryan, Eden Stiles, Edge, Jerry “The King” Lawler, John Cena, Kelly Kelly, Randy Orton, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Triple H, Trish Stratus, Undertaker, Dusty Rhodes, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, The Road Warriors, Roddy Piper

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