Molly Ringwald private signing coming via Official Pix

If you’re a fan of 1980s movies and collect autographs, odds are this news might be for you.

Molly Ringwald will be doing a private signing for Official Pix, a Texas-based autograph company.

Photos from a number of her past movies — The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink among others — can be pre-ordered in four sizes and can also be personalized for an extra fee.

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Jerry Lewis made millions laugh, raised billions for charity & still found time for autographs

Jerry Lewis was more than a comedian, but that’s where he made his mark first — well before he was remembered for his charitable efforts.

After he was The Nutty Professor he helped raise more than $2 billion in Labor Day marathons for the Muscular Dystrophy Association — just part of his life’s story that included decades in entertainment.

But the star who died at age 91 this weekend was a star found on cardboard in recent years, too.

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Roger Moore’s James Bond legacy spawned modest amount of ink

Bond, James Bond is gone.

Roger Moore who played Britain’s iconic spy in seven 007 films died Tuesday after a “short but brave battle with cancer,” according to his family. He was 89. Moore had a lengthy film career and took on the Bond role in 1973’s Live and Let Die. He continued in the spot until 1985 and was the longest-running actor of the six who have played the character.

“Being eternally known as Bond has no downside,” Moore told The Guardian. “People often call me ‘Mr Bond’ when we’re out and I don’t mind a bit. Why would I?”

And it’s because of that role that collectors have a number of certified autographs of him to chase today.

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George ‘The Animal’ Steele dies at 79 after colorful life & career


The green-tongued turnbuckle eater is gone.

George “The Animal” Steele, a veteran professional wrestler whose career ended during the 1980s peak of the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) and was known for his appetite for mayhem has died. He was 79.

Born Jim Myers, he was a multi-sport star in high school and a football player for (and graduate of) Michigan State. He also earned a master’s degree before he turned to professional wrestling in the 1960s — all this while also working as a high school teacher and coach the entire time. (He’s also a member of the state’s football coaches hall of Fame.)

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