Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley is small but powerful when it comes to football cards, too

If you’ve missed Cole Beasley on the football field, it’s not that big of a deal — it’s easy to miss the Dallas Cowboys’ 5-foot-8 wide receiver.

Besides, we all know he’s small and powerful when it comes to selling Tide PODS — go ahead, watch the commercial above. It’s been viewed more than 5.6 million times. (We won’t tell if you haven’t seen it.)

You know where else Beasley is small and powerful? You know, where he’s a bit of a short-print?

On football cards.

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Jacob deGrom has a cardboard edge besides The Big Apple, big hair

deGrom2014ToppsHeritageRewind to a year ago and New York Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom was one of the hottest autographs in the hobby simply because of one thing.

He didn’t have that much cardboard — signed or not.

This year, the big-haired right-hander in The Big Apple is working his way toward a potential World Series appearance with his Mets, building upon his 14-8 campaign as the reigning NL Rookie of the Year. And, just like last year, he’s got some pretty warm cardboard as he’s on the mound in Wrigley Field taking on the Chicago Cubs in the National League Championship Series tonight.

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