Buzz 12 in 12: Busting a 2014 Topps baseball Mega Box (Hour 11)

Do you like Buzz Breaks? Today’s your day then as we launch 12 in 12 — a series of a dozen breaks of past wax boxes and wax packs in a dozen hours. We’ll post one every hour on the hour all day long today … this is Hour 11.

12in12-logo-smallerThe box: 2014 Topps baseball Mega Box 
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Black November Wave 5 is here — and here are five deals to consider


If you hadn’t noticed, there are a number of boxes with discounted prices now over on the mothership as’s Black November Wave 5 hits today.

Many of the discounts were dramatic enough that Buzz had to sit down and ponder the possibilities in many of the boxes and cases — and here are five boxes that caught this collector’s eye.

schwarber2014 Panini Elite Extra Edition baseball hobby box
There are plenty of autographs to be found in boxes of this one — and there are Hot Boxes that up the ante, too — but right now there’s one autograph that arguably stands out from the rest.

It’s Kyle Schwarber. The Chicago Cubs’ slugger makes his debut here and has a solid amount of available ink inside the wrappers thanks to the standard autos and parallels atop that.

Other signers here include a heavy-selling Trea Turner, Kris Bryant, Byron Buxton, Michael Conforto, Luis Severino and plenty more (though some of those big names are as insert autos). Also in play here is an under-rated Cuban National Team memorabilia card of Jose Abreu with a piece of his national team jersey — that’s quite unique in the hobby aside from World Baseball Classic releases.

At its reduced price, this one’s worth the shot — and it’s not alone.

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