How about this legendary pull from a box of 2015 National Treasures?


There are big pulls and then there are big pulls. 

We all know what kind of crazy potential can be found inside boxes of cards these days as the high-end possibilities seemingly keep getting higher and higher with every new product.

But one recent big pull was soooo big that Panini America opted to create a video for it being presented to the collector who discovered it via a redemption in a box of 2015 National Treasures football cards. Check it out …

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Gallery: 2015 Panini National Treasures football cards pulled live on BlowoutTV

This year’s edition of National Treasures football cards arrived on Friday and Buzz took an hour to watch a small sliver of the breaks seen over on BlowoutTV toward the end of a long day of breaking.

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National Treasures includes legendary first for John McGraw

2015-national-treasures-baseball-john-mcgrawHe was known as “Little Napoleon” during his 17 seasons as a player that began way back in 1891 and during his 36 seasons as a manager that ended back in 1932, but the memorabilia cards of Baseball Hall of Famer John McGraw found in 2015 Panini National Treasures are a big deal.

Why? They’re unprecedented in hobby history.

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New Buzz: Products out this week (Jan. 3-9) include Contenders, National Treasures & global icons

panini-america-2015-contenders-football-qc91Panini America starts off the new year with not one but four new products scheduled to arrive this week — from four different sports, too. Meanwhile, there’s only one other brand on the calendar.

The biggest for most collectors is the arrival of 2015 Panini Contenders football cards with the annual chase for the Rookie Ticket autographs one that’s been a mainstay for years. Which ones will be short-prints? Which ones are variations and which ones aren’t? We’ll find out more beginning Wednesday. Each box includes at least five autographs — and it looks like some of them might be coaches who have never signed before. Will those be short-prints? Should be interesting to watch.

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