Topps weaves rare legend autos into high-end jumbo NFL set

toppsjumbo1Not only are they blown up and much more limited, but they include some rare big-name autographs, too.

Topps revealed its 2015 Topps Oversized Red set on Wednesday, and it’s an online-only release that takes every one of the 500 cards in this year’s football base set and makes it even bigger and badder.
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Best of 2015: The 15 trading cards that helped define a crazy year

15-HK-connormcdavidyounggunsIt’s a time of change, a time of high-end product exploration and a time of options for many collectors in what we call the sports card industry these days.

Tastes, products and prices continue to evolve as does the business environment that helps bring us our cardboard. For every super-pricey box being made, there are seemingly just as many buyers ready to rip or pick off singles for not-always-so-super prices (but super bargains).

The Buzz has only been around for part of 2015, but Buzz has been here all along as part of the world of collecting. Here are Buzz’s picks for 15 cards that helped define 2015.

2015-16 Upper Deck #201 Connor McDavid RC
The impressive prices being paid for what’s just a simple piece of cardboard with just gloss and some foil stamping shows that fundamentals never go out of style when there’s a big name involved. This time, it’s the No. 1 pick Connor McDavid, a Canadian phenom drafted by the Edmonton Oilers. This photo was selected by collectors and it even has a fun sign of 2015 — the fan showing off a photo on her phone in the background.

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Topps teases online arrival of 2015 Topps Limited baseball cards

ToppsLimitedTopps’ latest baseball card release is one you have seen before — but never like this.

It’s 2015 Topps Limited and it’s a version of the 700-card flagship set from this year but with a simple twist.

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