The 2016-17 Upper Deck Black Diamond hockey checklist is here + gallery (updated)

2016-17-Upper-Deck-Black-Diamond-hockey-booklet-relicThe wait for new hockey cards from Upper Deck is less than two weeks away but the mystery of what’s to come is now closer to over.

We now have our hands on the final checklist for 2016-17 Upper Deck Black Diamond hockey — and it’s right here.

Each box of this one will include six cards and you can learn more about the product in our First Buzz preview here.

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First Buzz: 2016-17 Upper Deck Black Diamond hockey cards

2016-17-Upper-Deck-Black-Diamond-hockey-booklet-relicWhat: 2016-17 Upper Deck Black Diamond hockey cards
 Nov. 30
Box basics: Five cards per Black Diamond pack along with one Exquisite pack per box (five boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: Black Diamond is back once again as a high-end brand with just five cards per pack with a one-card Exquisite pack inside each box as well. Exquisite will be released within other brands throughout the 2016-17 season.

Keep reading for more and a full gallery of images.

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