Buzz Break: 2016 Donruss baseball cards (hobby box)

2016-donruss-baseball1From time to time, Buzz will break a box of something and post the results here. Like this and want to see more? Or maybe there’s a box you’d want to see busted? Send Buzz an email at

2016-donruss-kyle-schwarberThe box: 2016 Donruss baseball cards (hobby box)
Where to buy:

Packs per box: 24
Cards per pack: 8
Cards in this box: 192
Base set completion: 
139 of 195 (71 percent)
Duplicates: 0

Notable players on base cards – Kyle Schwarber, Stephen Piscotty, Michael Conforto (Rated Rookies), Albert Pujols, Jose Fernandez (Diamond Kings), George Brett, Frank Thomas, Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Rickey Henderson, Ken Griffey Jr., Cal Ripken Jr., Giancarlo Stanton, Miguel Cabrera, Don Mattingly, Mariano Rivera, Nolan Ryan, Carl Yastrzemski, Carlos Correa, Clayton Kershaw, Kris Bryant, Yu Darvish, Pete Rose, Joc Pederson, Bo Jackson, Buster Posey, Pete Rose, The San Diego Chicken

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