First Buzz: 2016 SAGE HIT High Series football cards + checklist

Axx-GoffJ-HLAFC2What: 2016 SAGE HIT High Series football cards
Arrives: Late March
Box basics: 12 autographs per 18-pack box (16 boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: Packing plenty of ink and some big names, the second series of SAGE HIT arrives later this month (and on the heels of the recently released first wave) with many of the players you’ll be seeing on draft day and perhaps some guys you won’t see on cardboard anywhere else.

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First Buzz: 2016 SAGE HIT Low Series football cards

2016sageWhat: 2016 SAGE HIT Low Series football cards
Arrives: Feb. 29
Box basics: 
10 autographs per 18-pack hobby box (16 boxes per case; five cards per pack)

What’s buzz-worthy: The first SAGE football card set of the year comes packing plenty of ink of notable college players and the NFL’s next wave of stars — with no redemptions.

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