Is now the time to sell 2016 Topps Now sets? One dealer thinks so …


It’s a leading candidate for the most-influential and most-innovative brand of the year and one dealer who took on the challenge of collecting the 2016 Topps Now baseball card set feels now might be the time to sell.

A collection of more than 665 standard Topps Now cards along with the All-Star and Off-season sets. It doesn’t include the myriad of autographs and Relics that were offered throughout the year — or any of the team sets or Cubs championship cards made on the side, but just building the standard set is challenge enough.

So, the million-dollar question is … what’s it selling for right now?

The auction will end tonight … and we want to know how high you think it will go. Tell us in the poll below or with a comment here or on Twitter.

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Topps teases more surprises to come in Topps Now program

Screen-Shot-2016-06-16-at-10.35.31-AMTen collectors who recently purchased card No. 100 in Topps‘ real-time card program, Topps Now, were surprised to find a certified autograph version of the Brandon Crawford card that they ordered instead of a regular one.

It wasn’t an accident.

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