Ichiro Suzuki’s “Journey to 3000” is this week’s Topps #TBT pack

artbb-cckb28-16tbt-10-secondary1.pngThe best players of today on new cards using memorable designs of yesteryear is the point of the 2016 Topps #TBT, an ongoing baseball card set from Topps that has been released one pack a week this summer.

And this week the players are all Ichiro Suzuki and his “Journey to 3,000” that ended on Sunday at Coors Field in Colorado.

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Topps #TBT arrives with an intergalactic twist this week

Buzz bets you didn’t see that coming.

In its eighth week of existence, the 2016 Topps #TBT set has taken an intergalactic twist. It’s no longer a baseball card set as the stars of Star Wars have taken over with a memorable past basketball card design as its framework.

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Topps introduces Topps #TBT baseball cards — new stars on old designs every Thursday

Topps-TBT-HarperThe best players of today — released every week — on the best designs of yesteryear.

That’s the basic idea for 2016 Topps #TBT, a new ongoing baseball card set from Topps that will be released online each Thursday.

This first week features the 1955 Bowman design and includes the reigning National League MVP Bryce Harper on the first card in the series.

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