Just look how far Tom Brady has come … and how bad the other 2000 NFL Draft quarterbacks were

TomBrady2000When Tom Brady takes the field against Peyton Manning today, the discussion about who’s the best will present itself for the umpteenth time.

Who’s No. 1? It’s a good argument on the field. It depends what you prefer — stats or rings. On cardboard, both are big, though Brady is definitely a pricier autograph simply because he doesn’t sign as much. Manning’s availability hurts values but helps collections. (Just like on the field, it’s a good debate of who’s better hobby-wise.)

Brady2000Rewind the clock back 16 years, though, and it was obvious who the star was between these two. Manning had been the No. 1 overall pick a couple years before and walked into the NFL a star on cardboard after his time at Tennessee. And Brady? He wasn’t even in the discussions. He was just this guy from Michigan. >>>>>

The former Wolverine was so off-the-radar that it took a few years for this image to become Internet fodder. Brady’s cards took a bit of time to take off, too, but once he took over as the Patriots’ starter in 2001, NFL history was changed — just like his cardboard.

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Buzz Poll: Which remaining NFL quarterback is best on cardboard?

super-bowl-50-highlights-tom-bradyWe’re down to four NFL teams and we get a marquee matchup in the AFC Championship Game between quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Plenty has and will be said about that one — and we have a likely league MVP playing in the NFC title game in Cam Newton — but we simply have a different question here.

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