Golf world loses one of its biggest legends as Arnold Palmer dies at 87


“Arnie’s Army” is in mourning this evening.

Golf icon Arnold Palmer has died at age 87, leaving behind a legendary career and countless fans along with decades of memorabilia and memories. He’s heavily credited with helping the s-l1600sport grow on television, for his personable demeanor, his countless businesses and, of course, his performances against rivals.

“We loved him with a mythic American joy,” his biographer, James Dodson, told GolfWeek. “He represented everything that is great about golf. The friendship, the fellowship, the laughter, the impossibility of golf, the sudden rapture moment that brings you back, a moment that you never forget, that’s Arnold Palmer in spades. He’s the defining figure in golf.”

He won seven majors and 62 tournaments in his career and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2004 — and even that can be found among his trading cards.

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