Buzz 12 in 12: Busting a 2014 Panini Country Music hobby box (Hour 10)

Do you like Buzz Breaks? Today’s your day then as we launch 12 in 12 — a series of a dozen breaks of past wax boxes and wax packs in a dozen hours. We’ll post one every hour on the hour all day long today … this is Hour 10.

12in12-logo-smallerThe box: 2014 Panini Country Music trading cards (hobby box) 
The cost: Click here

What’s inside this one? Keep reading …

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First Buzz: 2017 TRISTAR Quest autos

What: 2017 TRISTAR Quest autographs
 June 7
Box basics: Five envelopes per lockbox — each with an autographed flat or memorabilia redemption inside (three lockboxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: This TRISTAR line will be limited to only 50 cases of autographed items from around the sports world and beyond.

Keep reading for more.

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First Buzz: 2017 Historic Autographs Ink’d Threads signed jerseys

What: 2017 Historic Autographs Ink’d Threads
Arrives: May 3
Box basics: One autographed jersey per box (12 boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: Hall of Famers from baseball, football and basketball will join some notable stars from today and some surprise non-sports inclusions in a product that includes nothing but signed jerseys.

Keep reading for more information.

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First Buzz: 2017 Topps Clearly Authentic baseball cards

What: 2017 Topps Clearly Authentic baseball cards
Arrives: July 26
Box basics: One encased autograph per box (20 boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: Topps will take notable cards from today’s game and iconic cards from the past and present them on acetate with autographs in this hits-only product.

Keep reading for more and a full gallery of images.

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Celebrity autographs just might be easier to find than you think

When it comes to autographs in the sports world, there are plenty of ways that collectors and the autograph industry itself has helped commodify ink.

In other words, there are a number of common items that are commonly signed that help us all figure a common value that we’d expect to pay or expect to get if we have to sell something we own. Jerseys, balls, helmets, cards, photos — there are a lot of ways to collect sports autographs.

But for celebrity autographs, it’s a lot less complicated as the 8-by-10 photo is arguably the most-commonly solid piece across the whole spectrum of television, movies and others of note who we might find, say, at a comic book convention or other similarly organized signing session. Not all films have massive toy lines, not all celebs have book deals and TV shows often don’t have posters you can find all that easily.

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First Buzz: 2017 Super Break Super Charged Series 2

What: 2017 Super Break Super Charged Series 2
super_break_logoArrives: April 11
Box basics: Five (and sometimes more) items per box

What’s buzz-worthy: Super Break’s second series of this one includes a mix of everything with themed boxes, hot boxes and plenty of other surprises from throughout the sports world, entertainment and political memorabilia.

Keep reading for more info.

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Gallery: Panini Spring Training Road Trip signers & behind-scenes views

Panini America’s second leg of its annual autograph, photo and memorabilia collection adventure known as the Panini Spring Training Road Trip winds down today and tomorrow in Arizona.

It’s one of the biggest ways that the company collects autographs in one big swoop for the younger stars of the diamond every year.

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Undertaker autographs coming to Topps’ WWE card sets for first time

One of the biggest autographs in WWE history is coming to Topps packs for the first time.

The ink?

It’s the Undertaker — and he has just two previous certified autographs in his career. Which sets will he be found in? Keep reading …

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Weekend Update: Check out 10 top items on The Buzz last week

It was a busy one on The Buzz this past week. Here are 10 stories worth a look if you missed out. Check ’em out & hit the subscribe button at right if you want email updates.

Big-ink Potential 
Upcoming release from Topps puts emphasis — and ink — on key cards of today’s stars. Get the details >> First Buzz: 2017 Topps Archives Signature Series Active Player Edition

Keep reading for more …

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First Buzz: 2017 TRISTAR Odyssey Baseball autographs

What: 2017 TRISTAR Odyssey Baseball autographs
Arrives: April 12
Box basics: 
One autographed item per envelope (16 envelopes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: TRISTAR brings its autograph chase to baseball with a product limited to only 75 cases and the potential for some big names and some big items.

Keep reading for more information and a gallery of the possibilities here.

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First Buzz: 2017 Leaf Autographed Football Mini Helmets

 2017 Leaf Autographed Football Mini Helmets
Arrives: June
Box basics: One autographed mini-helmet per box (eight boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: Leaf brings a new batch of autographed mini-helmets to the masses here with some surprises in the mix, too. One of them? Polk High School’s Al Bundy aka Ed O’Neil.

Keep reading for more.

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Fanatics Authentic offers up some sports autographs that rock

Fanatics Authentic has a few unique autographs available now that come with no strings attached.

Nevermind, that won’t work … there are actually six.

A series of autographed guitars — items that are officially licensed musical instruments on their own — have been enhanced with autographs that offer a colorful higher-end option for a sports fan who’s big on music, too.

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Board Buzz: Must-read threads on the Blowout Forums (Feb. 20)


The Blowout Cards Forums are where thousands of collectors converge daily to discuss, well, a little bit of everything. Here are five threads about collecting and more that you should check out right now.

What’s Buzzing Today: Throwback breaks, a big week of buying, panic buying, 2017 Allen & Ginter, a big fishy pull & much more …

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First Buzz: 2017 Historic Autographs Friends & Foes Football


What: 2017 Historic Autographs Friends & Foes Football
Arrives: March 22
Box basics: One autograph per box (12 boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: Friends & Foes comes to the gridiron with cut autograph duos that should grab some attention.

Keep reading for more information.

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Does the slab make the card? It doesn’t hurt these (gallery + poll)


Slabbed cards have been a part of the hobby for decades now but a few autograph companies have started getting into the trend in recent years by encasing cards to give them a bit better display presence at a fraction of the price for a signed photo or memorabilia piece.

And it helps that while storage and protection concern go away, too.

Two big autograph dealers — Steiner Sports and Fanatics Authentic — have pretty beefy runs of signed trading cards available that in some cases take the interesting creations of card companies and makes them better.

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First Buzz: 2017 Super Break Heavy Hitters


What: 2017 Super Break Heavy Hitters
super_break_logoArrives: Feb. 15
Box basics: At least two items per box (four boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: Super Break returns with a high-end release that includes buyback cards, memorabilia and 30 Super Draft coupons for a May 6 draft of big, big names.

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Dedicated collector’s custom card hobby becomes option for everyone


It started as a hobby to bring cards that didn’t exist to life — and now it can help bring your legends’ cards into existence.

9b7d1c3d42c715b9c797933af6b5c233Tanner Jones is a dedicated Jose Canseco collector who lamented the fact that for years his retired but controversial slugger hadn’t been found on all of the new, creative cards being made — and often not with all of his MLB teams. So he started making cards of his own — and then one day a year ago the idea of his Custom Cuts kits was born.

“I have had so many people ask me ‘How do you do it?’ and I’ve seen the desirability of making your own creations go up significantly,” Jones said. “After thinking about it for a while, I thought to myself people are already acclimated to the thought of cut autos why not cut pictures as well? I played around with the template idea quite a while ago, and then back-burnered it until a few months ago.”

For now, there are just two types of kits available — and they allow buyers a start on making their own cards using their own images or documents, while some have used them to re-purpose components of damaged cards into new creations.

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Buzz Break: 2000 Team Best Graded minor league baseball cards


From time to time, Buzz will break a box of something and post the results here. Like this and want to see more? Or maybe there’s a box you’d want to see busted? Send Buzz an email at

2000-team-best-graded-setsThe box: 2000 Team Best Graded minor league cards
Where to buy:
Check eBay

Packs per box: 18 plus one graded card (Packs: six 1998 Team Best Top Prospects Signature Series, six 1999 Team Best Player of the Year, six 2000 Team Best Rookies)
Cards per pack: 6
Cards in this box: 109

1998 base set completion: 
27 of 50 (54 percent)
Duplicates: 6
1999 base set completion: 
24 of 50 (48 percent)
Duplicates: 7
2000 base set completion: 
33 of 225 (15 percent)
Duplicates: 1

Base cards of note (1998) – Rick Ankiel, Eric Chavez, J.D. Drew, Mike Lowell, Ruben Rivera, Jimmy Rollins, Vernon Wells

Base cards of note (1999) – Rick Ankiel, Josh Hamilton, Corey Patterson, Aaron Rowand, CC Sabathia, Jayson Werth

Base cards of note (2000) – John Lackey, Ben Sheets, Josh Hamilton, Barry Zito, Pat Burrell, Mark Mulder

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First Buzz: 2017 Panini USA Baseball Stars & Stripes baseball cards


What: 2017 Panini USA Baseball Stars & Stripes baseball cards
Arrives: March 15
Box basics: Five autographs or memorabilia cards per five-pack box (20 boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: USA Baseball returns to the field after some time off with a new configuration but the same patriotic value and potential with a mix of current USA stars and big names from the program’s past.

Keep reading for more as well as a full gallery of images.

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First Buzz: 2017 Elite Draft Picks college football cards


What: 2017 Elite Draft Picks college football cards
Arrives: March 15
Box basics: Five autographs per five-pack box (16 boxes per case).

What’s buzz-worthy: Elite comes to the college ranks with Panini America offering an autograph in every 15-card pack in a product that focuses on the stars of the college game from the past and offer a selection of 2017 draft pick hopefuls, too.

Keep reading for more info and a full gallery.

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Gallery: 2016-17 Panini Limited basketball autos & memorabilia

Autographs have a buddy every time you see them in the newest Panini America NBA release.

The brand is 2016-17 Panini Limited and it arrives next week with those two in tandem quite often — a bit of a new twist for the brand’s signed cards.

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First Buzz: 2017 SAGE HIT Premier Draft High Series football cards


What: 2017 SAGE HIT Premier Draft High Series football cards
Arrives: Late March
Box basics: 15 autographed cards per 20-pack box (16 boxes per case).
Checklist: Click here to view

What’s buzz-worthy: SAGE continues its early start on the prospective NFL Draft picks with HIT, which includes more packs and cards per box as well as some chromium cards, too.

Keep reading for more info.

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First Buzz: 2017 TRISTAR Hidden Treasures Chicago North Side autographed baseballs


What: 2017 TRISTAR Hidden Treasures Chicago North Side autographed baseballs
Arrives: March 1
Box basics: 
One autographed baseball of a current or former Chicago Cub per box (12 boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: TRISTAR’s autographed baseball chase goes to the north side of Chicago with some chase baseballs and memorabilia items to be found in some boxes.

Keep reading for more.

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This Jordan Howard variation autograph from 2016 Panini Contenders is a bit unusual


Chicago Bears RB Jordan Howard had one of the more-impressive seasons for a rookie this year and he’s got at least one “variation” in 2016 Panini Contenders that’s even more interesting than his showing on the field.

At least one collector has found one of these cards — and it’s unknown whether others even exist — but this on-card auto above appears to have been by someone else.


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First Buzz: 2017 Leaf Pop Century Signed Photograph Edition

 2017 Leaf Pop Century Signed Photograph Edition
Arrives: Late March
Box basics: One autographed 8-by-10 photo per box (12 boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: Leaf’s latest autograph product for pop culture arrives with certified autographed photos from the biggest names in Hollywood as well as big names from elsewhere.

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First Buzz: 2017 TRISTAR Signature Series


What: 2017 TRISTAR Signature Series
Arrives: Feb. 8
Box basics: One autographed item per envelope (10 boxes per case).

What’s buzz-worthy: TRISTAR’s Signature Series returns with just 100 10-box cases of authenticated autographed memorabilia.

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First Buzz: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Ultimate Collector’s Set Series 2


What: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Ultimate Collector’s Set Series 2
Arrives: Feb. 1
Hobby box basics: One autograph per set

What’s buzz-worthy: Buffy is back with a premium-priced set that will include either a Sarah Michelle Gellar or Alyson Hannigan autograph in every single box.

Keep reading to see a gallery and more.

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Buzz Poll: What do you collect when it comes to cardboard these days?


A new year is almost here and Buzz has a few questions for you about your collecting habits.

Simply put, we want to know more about what you collect and here are 10 questions we hope you’ll take a few minutes to answer.

See the rest of the questions after the jump.

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First Buzz: 2017 Super Break Super Charged


What: 2017 Super Break Super Charged
super_break_logoArrives: Jan. 10
Box basics: Five (and sometimes more) items per box

What’s buzz-worthy: Super Break’s first product of a new year includes a mix of everything with themed boxes, hot boxes and plenty of other surprises.

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Gallery: 2016 Panini Certified NASCAR autos & memorabilia cards


NASCAR‘s first season of cardboard from under the Panini America is rounding the track to completion and Turn 3 of the Cardboard 500 arrives on Wednesday.

It’s the foilboard phenom known as 2016 Panini Certified and it will include the likes of Chase Elliott and seven-time champ Jimmie Johnson among its signers.

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First Buzz: 2016 Super Break Alpha


What: 2016 Super Break Alpha
super_break_logoArrives: Dec. 10
Box basics: Five memorabilia pieces per box

What’s buzz-worthy: Super Break’s newest product includes a mix of everything but on a high-end scale with just 10 — yep, 10 — boxes made.

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Gallery: 2016 Topps Dynasty baseball cards (updated)


The latest high-end Topps baseball card set is here and that means autographs — nothing but autographs.

The brand is 2016 Topps Dynasty and it marks the first autographs of Derek Jeter under his new deal with the company as part of a release that’s all about ink.

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First Buzz: 2017 Onyx Baseball Icons Collection


What: 2017 Onyx Baseball Icons Collection
Arrives: Jan. 6
Box basics: One autographed baseball per box and one vintage graded card per case (12 boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: Only 50 sealed cases will be made for this one, meaning the checklist of the new inclusion — a graded vintage icon per case — will be limited, too, as Onyx looks to the Hall of Fame ranks for this new product.

Keep reading for more info, including a checklist.

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Panini Instant gives collectors more NBA & NFL options on Black Friday


Panini Instant collectors have some Black Friday cards to chase, too.

Panini America‘s real-time card platform will have a pair of options for collectors beginning at 2 p.m. Central on Friday.

One is a more traditional made-to-order card set and the other includes autographs.

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Leaf Holiday Bonus Box offers some surprises for season


It’s that time of year and there’s one recent release that you won’t find anywhere else in wax form that’s got a bit of everything from Leaf Trading Cards potentially inside.

It’s the 2016 Leaf Holiday Bonus Box and it might make for a stocking stuffer that packs some oomph.

What’s inside these boxes?

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