You could be mine: Guns N’ Roses comes to Funko toys next month


Pop? Funko might need to rename the line.

Guns N’ Roses is coming to the Funko Pop! line of vinyl toys in December, according the Lynnwood, Wash.-based company that revealed its toys on Wednesday.

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Garbage Pail Kids take on musical icons in new Best of the Fest set

ARTGPK-STIC-16GPAPBF-OA-SETThe Garbage Pail Kids are taking on the rockers.

For seven days only, Topps is offering the 20-card 2016 Garbage Pail Kids Best of the Fest set that mocks some icons of the music world.

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Board Buzz Gallery: Impressive and favorite non-sports autographs

Best-non-sports-autographs-gallery-Jennifer G
Is there one non-sports autograph you’d want to own? If you’re a fan of anything beyond the sports world, there’s probably one name that comes to mind first.

In some cases — Star Wars and Star Trek, for example — a personality may have plenty of autographs, but in others there may be just one.

Or none at all.

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