Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin & A.J. McCarron among NFL’s most Buzz-worthy players in Week 14

Russell Wilson
may be a tad overlooked with the perfect season and MVP campaign of Cam Newton under way, but the Seattle Seahawks QB has been hard to miss in the last four weeks.

On Sunday, he threw for 292 yards and five touchdowns. In the last month? Well, he’s now got 16 touchdowns and zero picks. That suddenly makes his season look a lot better with 3,289 yards and 26 TDs and seven picks. Ultimately, we all know about the prowess of his 2012 Rookie Cards but there are likely to be more casual collectors looking his way with another strong week.

Buzz would expect movement — if not in price, certainly volume — on his cheapest RCs. (Buzz would expect some action on his autos but still has a tough time calling that an autograph.)

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Keep reading for four more guys who generated some buzz on the field this week.

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