Buzz Movie Trailer Vote: The New Mutants (opens April 13)

The first trailer for The New Mutants has arrived in advance of its arrival in April, and it’s pretty clear that this one won’t be spawning from the latter days of the 100-issue series that evolved into a full-on super-team called X-Force.

This one’s going to be darker — apparently with a lot less spandex — taking on a horror-film feel while introducing fans to a whole new crop of mutants known relatively well from the comic books.

Check out the new trailer after the jump.

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Marvel’s U.S.Avengers arrives with a cover for every state — and beyond


It’s one part gimmick and one part patriotic but the arrival of a new comic book series and team from Marvel on Wednesday should be big — and a big challenge for those who decide to collect them all.

It’s U.S.Avengers and the first issue arrives with a variant cover for every state as well as a few more covers that all spotlight an individual star from the Marvel Universe.

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