You should always consider details of storage when it comes to your sports cards & memorabilia

4bypicDo you consider the details when it comes to the storage of your sports cards and memorabilia?

You should.

We probably all have a closet or a card room we frequent often, but there may be nooks and crannies we don’t check often — sometimes for months in a row. That’s Buzz, and Buzz got a surprise this weekend with the discovery of some discolored carpet in the bottom of a closet — it was from moisture and that’s bad for a collector because those white storage boxes are thirsty. They love dry and dark environments — but they love to drink up every drop of water they can find.

Thankfully, there was absolutely no damage done here — except damage to one stressed-out collector — because the details about storage were thought about long ago. Some strategies when it comes to storage saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars in this case.

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