KISS & Vampirella? That showdown isn’t only pop culture crossover coming from Dynamite this month

KISS and Vampirella — seems like an unusual yet still natural crossover, right?

That’s just one of the comic books arriving this month — this one specifically today — via Dynamite Entertainment, a Mt. Laurel, N.J.-based publisher that has a tie to something beyond the typical realm of comic book characters.

KISS/Vampirella arrives with six different covers for issue No. 1 — all seen in a gallery below along with a sketch cover — and that’s a common trait for other series from Dynamite, many of which come with ties to movies, video games, famous book and comic strip characters, Internet stars and more.

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Grumpy Cat isn’t just an Interwebs force — Grumpy Cat also sells a boatload of comic books

Grumpy Cat is one of those things that, well, you either get or you don’t.

How else do you explain a cat with a few hundred-thousand Twitter followers, 8.2 million Facebook fans, countless YouTube hits and even more memes?

Don’t answer that — just consider that Grumpy Cat isn’t just an Interwebs force. Grumpy Cat sells comic books, too.

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