Danny Amendola Rookie Cards may be elusive with third Super Bowl ring

Just like on football cards, everybody’s attention seemed to be on Tom Brady Sunday evening in Gillette Stadium.

Now part of that was due to the drama about the gash on his hand held shut by some stitches, but we all know that the drama of him and the New England Patriots potentially reaching another Super Bowl and possibly getting a record-by-himself sixth Super Bowl ring was a big deal, too.

That Super Bowl trip is happening with a 24-20 come-from-behind victory, and that’s because of two fourth-quarter touchdown catches from Danny Amendola, who might have the toughest Rookie Card to find of all the Patriots.


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Tom Brady’s 2000 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket autograph Rookie Card just keeps selling

It’s the iconic autographed Rookie Card of the iconic player of today — and maybe any day — and it just keeps commanding big money at auction in high-grade.

It’s the 2000 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket autograph of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

And this PSA 10 copy? Well, it recently sold for $85,000 on eBay — and it’s not alone.

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Could Jada Toys’ Nano Metalfigs be a super-cheap collectible hit?

Simplicity, portability, affordability and the chase.

This collector found himself in the toy aisle of a chain store this week and noticed something relatively new that hadn’t caught my attention before. At a glance I was interested and instantly found myself scouring the pegs for something that ended up not being there.

It was a section of Jada Toys‘ new Nano Metalfigs that are available for a few different realms — DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Disney/Pixar, Street Fighter, Harry Potter — and they’re tiny metal sculptures that come in packages just like the big kids’ toys but they don’t come with a big price.

They’ve probably been around for some collectible genres I don’t watch all that closely, but the first wave of the new WWE figures caught my eye simply because they were so small … and so cheap.

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WWE legend Mick Foley auctions iconic memorabilia for charity

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is cleaning out his closet for a cause.

The man who had an ear torn off during a match, was thrown off the roof of a steel cage to the floor in one of the most-shocking moments in WWE history, and made multiple personas household names around the world is also a big supporter of RAINN. He has helped that group with more than $500,000 in donations and support generated by wrestling fans through auctions like the one running for the next few days.

Among nearly 50 items up for grabs now? The boots worn in his last match and the chance for Foley to come to your Raw or Smackdown watch party anywhere in the continental United States.

What else is there? Keep reading for a visual rundown of some notable items and experiences in the auctions as well as direct links to them so you can see how much they’re going for now.

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eBay Buzz: Graded Aaron Judge cards reportedly sell for $20,000

Its auction photo really didn’t help, but this Aaron Judge 2013 Bowman Draft Gold Refractor really was another color when it reportedly sold on eBay last week.

That color was green.

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The Rock’s new Under Armour shoes are sold out — and electrifying eBay

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may be the most-electrifying man in sports entertainment, but his new line of Under Armour training shoes are giving him a run for his money.

They’re dubbed the Rock Delta and the first wave of the shoes is sold out from the company after just one day.

Because of this, the company now has a second wave available on pre-order set to arrive in mid-August and for now there’s a pretty strong market for the shoes on eBay.

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Weekend Update: Check out 10 top items on The Buzz last week

Ok, it’s not the weekend, but this was slated to be sent last night — further proving that it was a busy one on The Buzz this past week. Here are 10 stories worth a look if you missed out. Check ’em out & hit the subscribe button at right if you want email updates.

This Week’s Big Hit?
It seems that 2017 Donruss‘ arrival has collectors talking and there’s fun to be found inside its packs. Click here to start with variations and find links to checklists & more. After that, check out a Buzz Break of a hobby box right here.

Keep reading for more …

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eBay Buzz: Free McDonald’s Special Sauce bottles already hot at auction


McDonald’s launches its new sizes of Big Mac sandwiches today and as part of that celebration it is releasing 10,000 serial-numbered bottles of its Special Sauce to the public.

They’re free — but they’re only found at selected locations for a limited time on a first-come, first-served basis … if a visitor knows the password. The only other way to get your hands on one? Check out giveaways on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Some states have just one or two locations — meanwhile Houston, Texas, has five — while some states have none at all. That means there will be a market on eBay — simple supply and demand — and there’s already one there with a bid.

How much is the bottle? You have to see it to believe it. 

Update: And that could be low. There’s also one completed sale so far.

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Rare Kris Bryant autos, party passes, sketches & cuts command cash from Topps’ historic Transcendent release


With 52 autographs in every box — as well as a posh party invitation — it doesn’t take a lot to see the dollar signs inside each $25,000 box of 2016 Topps Transcendent Collection baseball cards.

s-l1600-3Those invites alone get a good chunk of change back (details here) and each case’s 1/1 Kris Bryant autograph using one of the 65 historic Topps designs commands some, too. Those cards have sold for as much as $2,182 on eBay (so far) and all seven sold have gone for at least $1,000.

Meanwhile, the asking or bid prices in current auctions are over the $1,000 mark in all but one instance and range as high as $7,250 for those in the historic set.

But the priciest find found inside one of those 65 silver briefcases? It’s much more impressive.

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Felicity Jones autos highlight Topps Star Wars Rogue One checklist


The lead in Rogue One is signing for Topps’ newest Star Wars set but — spoiler alert — she’s only available as a redemption.

Oscar nominee Felicity Jones has autographs in 2016 Topps Star Wars Rogue One Series 1, which officially arrives today along with the final checklist that she appears on.

It’s a card that’s already in demand — and the asking prices for those already on eBay are out of this galaxy.

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Maybe you have the Honus Wagner of Nintendo games sitting at home …


A little-known Nintendo game then is a well-known Nintendo game now — at least to serious collectors who are known to fork over plenty of cash for it.

It’s Stadium Events, and it’s a game that’s so serious for collectors that in its original packaging it evokes comparisons to someone you might know if you’re into baseball cards.

“I never had a Honus Wagner,” said Tod Curtis, a Bedford, Ind.-based orthodontist, who seriously collects NES games and was interviewed as part of an ESPN The Magazine story on this game and its legacy. “That’s what this game is to this hobby. I don’t know how many Honus Wagner cards are out there compared to how many Stadium Events there are. If the game is really that rare, you can see in 20 years it coming up at Christie’s, where people are going to pay $900,000.”

The story is a fascinating one with plenty of parallels to the card-collecting world, and, not surprisingly, the tale has prompted the attempted sale of a high-grade copy of the game.

You probably won’t believe the asking price right now on eBay. 

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Board Buzz: Must-read threads on the Blowout Forums (Nov. 6)


The Blowout Cards Forums are where thousands of collectors converge daily to discuss, well, a little bit of everything. Here are five threads about collecting and more that you should check out right now.

What’s Buzzing Today: Star Wars Masterwork case breaks, questionable autographs on eBay, big pulls and … are unlicensed cards/sets the future of the hobby?

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Panini America says Prizm proof cards are not legitimate


A number of eBay auctions containing what are being called proof cards or test cards of Panini America‘s Prizm cards aren’t what they are being presented to be.

Panini released a statement on Friday noting that these cards were not made — at least in this fashion — by the company.

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Board Buzz: Must-read threads on the Blowout Forums (Oct. 2)


The Blowout Cards Forums are where thousands of collectors converge daily to discuss, well, a little bit of everything. Here are five threads about collecting and more that you should check out right now.

What’s Buzzing Today: Big pulls and big questions to get you thinking on this Sunday.

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Board Buzz: Must-read threads on the Blowout Forums (July 17)

PedersonThe Blowout Cards Forums are where thousands of collectors converge daily to discuss, well, a little bit of everything. Here are five threads about collecting and more that you should check out right now.

What’s Buzzing Today: Super collections, an alleged Alex Bregman eBay scammer, one legendary Colts auto, redeeming values and The National.

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Leaf Trading Cards to sell Muhammad Ali proof cards via eBay

Boxing fans will get a sneak peek at the Muhammad Ali trading card set that’s coming later this month from Leaf Trading Cards tonight on eBay.

The company has decided to sell the 1/1 proof cards from 2016 Leaf Muhammad Ali Immortal Collection directly to the public via the auction site. (Update: The cards will be posted at a specific time announced in advance on Tuesday.)

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Bartolo Colon’s Topps Now card fetches hefty prices on eBay after record-breaking production

2016-Topps-Now-Bartolo-Colon-Home-RunOn Saturday, Bartolo Colon hit the first home run of his big-league career. On Sunday, that memorable moment became a Topps Now baseball card. On Monday, it became the highest-selling Now card ever with 8,826 copies sold.

Today? Well, it’s now a $60 baseball card.

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Board Buzz: Must-read threads on the Blowout Forums (May 9)

20150801_223535_zpswd2k3xjxThe Blowout Cards Forums are where thousands of collectors converge daily to discuss, well, a little bit of everything. Here are five threads about collecting and more that you should check out right now.

What’s Buzzing Today: Collection images, Tennessee Vols surprises, Panini Prizm & more.

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High-grade 1965 Topps Joe Namath Rookie Card will be record-setter when dust settles on eBay

1965-Topps-Joe-Namath-PSA-8.5-auctionIt’s been 39 years since Joe Namath last suited up for an NFL game, but his 1965 Topps Rookie Card remains an iconic one and is among the most-valuable RCs out there.

And a high-grade specimen on eBay right now is going to prove it when the auction ends.

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Kim Kardashian West cleans out closet for eBay for Charity auctions including Kobe shoes & Lakers gear


Kim Kardashian West has cleaned out one of her closets for a series of eBay for Charity auctions and among the items you can own are her barely used Kobe Bryant sneakers, handbags, gowns, sunglasses, snow goggles, heels and other items.

There’s even some Los Angeles Lakers gear.

Just 10 percent of the sale for the more than 200 items on eBay on her “kimsaprincess” account benefits The Vous, a young adult-focused faith organization based in Miami.

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Gallery: 2016 Leaf Metal Draft football cards


Today may be Pro Day for the Ohio State Buckeyes, but Urban Meyer‘s top stars are already being found somewhere else besides the NFL.

They’re on eBay and on 2016 Leaf Metal Draft football cards after the brand arrived this week packing five autographs per box.

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eBay Buzz: We all know Stephen Curry Rookie Cards are hot sellers … but can they really be this hot?

Stephen-Curry-Topps-Rookie-CardEvery once in a while, a player takes over the spotlight in a sport and leading non-collectors to be so intrigued that they battle for cardboard in online auctions without the typical (restraining) mindset of what something should sell for.

There’s nothing wrong with that — if they want it and they’ll pay it, that’s what it’s worth to them  right then.

Right now, Stephen Curry is that player, and, right now, one of those cards is his 2009-10 Topps Rookie Card — one of 27 RCs that he has and one that has no frills and shows him in the simplest of forms. It’s essentially a mugshot in a T-shirt or warmup jacket as Topps was finishing its run with the NBA license at that time.

This no-thrills piece of cardboard — and its parallel counterparts — are scorchers that just might surprise collectors right now.

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Gallery: 2015 Topps Definitive Collection football cards

One of Topps‘ most high-end football card brands arrives today in the form of 2015 Topps Definitive Collection and the breaks have been trickling onto eBay already.

This high-end brand packs just eight cards into a box and had a pre-order price north of $600.

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eBay Buzz: It’s just a Dale Earnhardt show car … but it can be yours

earnhardtIt was 15 years ago today that the NASCAR world changed dramatically as its biggest star died during the last lap of its biggest race.

Dale Earnhardt‘s final Daytona 500 was one that put the spotlight of both the media and collectors on the racing ranks like never before as The Intimidator’s life and his famous No. 3 Chevy were celebrated for all they had accomplished.

Countless diecasts, trading cards and other items were scooped up by collectors and new fans like never before back then. Today? The legend is still strong though the collectibles world has changed dramatically.

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If this was your only way to own the iconic 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle baseball card, would you buy it?

Mangled-1952-topps-mickey-MantleBuzz did something today that he hadn’t done often in years of collecting — out of curiosity, he searched “1952 Topps Mickey Mantle” on eBay.

Surprisingly (though maybe not given auction prices these days) there were nearly 20 graded copies of the iconic card to be had. On the high-end was a PSA 8 OC copy of the card with a hefty price tag and a PSA 7 copy as well. Not bad price-wise, there.

Buzz flipped over to completed auctions out of curiosity and found nearly 30 more completed sales for slabbed copies of the card before finding the gem you see above.

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Former WWE Diva Sunny is selling her Hall of Fame ring on eBay

s-l1600A former WWE Diva is done with the world of professional wrestling — and she’s selling her WWE Hall of Fame ring on eBay to prove it.

Sunny, real name Tamara Sytch, was inducted into the Hall in 2011 and it’s one of the first times a WWE Hall of Fame ring has made it onto the open market. (The company began awarding rings in 2009 after previously just awarding plaques.)

“After enjoying my Hall of Fame ring for the past almost five years, I think it’s time for someone else to enjoy and cherish it, as have I,” the auction listing reads. “It’s time to let go of the past, and embrace my future, and selling my ring is the right way to get on track.”

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eBay Buzz: You won’t win Powerball with this but you can collect ’em all

s-l1600Don’t worry if the headline for this one doesn’t make much sense — the eBay auction doesn’t either.

Among today’s weirdest auctions is a lot of 20,000 losing Powerball and other assorted Illinois Lottery tickets. They can be yours for a low, low price, too.

How much?

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eBay Buzz: A perfect — and rare — Ken Griffey Jr. 1989 Bowman Tiffany rookie scorches at auction

1989-Bowman-GriffeyWe all know which Rookie Card of Ken Griffey Jr. is the most-memorable, but there’s one rarer parallel-type version of one that recently sold for big, big bucks on eBay.

It’s the 1989 Bowman Tiffany card — one printed on glossy, super-bright stock only found in limited factory sets — and a perfect BGS Black copy recently dominated on eBay. With Griffey destined to get the Cooperstown call in a few hours, this one was worth the spotlight.

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eBay Buzz: This perfect Kobe Bryant 1996-97 Topps Chrome rookie Refractor is how much?

KobeBGSblackWhen Topps Chrome arrived in basketball, it was a bit simpler time than it is today — so much so that the brand was a retail-only release because the idea of merely Chroming a set perhaps wasn’t a sure thing.

Plenty of time has passed since 1996 and in that time so has the career of Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant who was a rookie back in 1996-97 Topps Chrome.

The best card in that landmark product is arguably Bryant’s Refractor version of his Rookie Card and this copy is the best of the best of the thousands that were pulled and saved since then.

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Gallery: 2015 Topps Strata baseball cards

Strata4It’s a standalone and it’s looking spectacular.

The arrival of 2015 Topps Strata as a standalone brand is today and the results ripped from wax boxes are starting to appear on eBay with some big names but also more affordable ones, too.

(They all just look like a million bucks.)

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Buzz Collector Profile: Stacy Marlow aka @slmsolo

StacyBabeRuthStacy Marlow

Also known as: @slmsolo on Twitter
Website: No personal site
Email: stacy@livecasebreak.com
Location: Georgia
Work away from cards: Estate Manager for private family
Collecting since: 2012

Main focuses: Atlanta Braves — prospects, veteran/Hall of Fame autographs, in-person
BuzzProfiles-LogoHeritage autos, in-person sweet spot autographs, graded Bowman first-year autos

Favorite players/teams: Atlanta Braves — Chipper Jones, Craig Kimbrel, John Smoltz

Current collecting projects: Currently working on 2015 Topps High Tek John Smoltz auto rainbow/collection (needing two printing proofs to finish) and 2012 Bowman Sterling Lucas Sims rainbow

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PSA 8 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle sets new record with Heritage sale

1952-Topps-Mickey-Mantle-PSA-8-HeritageHeritage Auctions‘ sale of a PSA 8 Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps card set another record for the card in its condition this week.

“The 1952 Topps Mantle rookie is a truly transcendent piece of Americana,” said Chris Ivy, the Director of Sports Auctions at Heritage. “It looms in the collective American imagination like a copy of Action Comics #1, an inverted Jenny stamp or an Abe Lincoln autograph. You don’t have to collect baseball cards to recognize it, so thoroughly is it woven into the national consciousness.”

So, how much for the icon of all post-war baseball card icons?

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Ken Griffey Jr. Topps Vault auction comes with extra twist on contract

GriffeyKen Griffey Jr. is one of baseball’s all-time greats and an icon — the Mickey Mantle of the late-thirty somethings who grew up with the new wave of baseball cards that began with his arrival in 1989.

He’s got 630 homers — sixth on the all-time list — and more accolades than than most fans will ever know. But there’s one thing that a lot of fans may not know.

Just like his dad, his first game is George.

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Kobe Bryant retirement letters fetch big bucks — and are also reprinted

KobeLetterBuzz knew these would be a big deal — but not this big.

The night Kobe Bryant confirmed that this season will be his last, all 18,997 fans in attendance at that night’s Los Angeles Lakers game received a sealed envelope with a copy of his farewell letter printed with a facsimile autograph.

It turns out there are a few more people out there that want them.

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eBay Buzz: This perfect Mike Trout 2009 Bowman Chrome Refractor Autograph is how much?

MikeTroutBGS10-10Mike Trout is among MLB’s active elite and his first standard Bowman Chrome autograph is topped by only one card in the Chrome world — a much-rarer Albert Pujols 2001 auto limited to only 500 copies.

So, naturally, one question comes to mind seeing this Refractor parallel of Trout’s debut card, which is on eBay right now. Just how much can this sell for?

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