Need a piece of Deadpool? Try an autograph from his co-creator

liefeldBased on box office totals for Deadpool — $677.7 million and counting worldwide — there might be a few people looking for a piece of The Merc with a Mouth.

Sure, there are 25 years of comic book appearances to be had — and there are key issues that also can be found as graded books and as original art — but maybe there’s something else that you might want without the stresses of storage or breaking the bank.

That’s where Rob Liefeld comes in.

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Hasbro-Paramount movie deal should spark new interest in old toys

MASKIf you’re a fan of a few 1980s toy brands and their cartoons, a new movie deal revealed Tuesday should spark added interest in those collectible toys.

Hasbro-LogoParamount Pictures and Hasbro have agreed to create films for five properties all as part of one movie universe — MASK, G.I. Joe, Micronauts, Visionaries and ROM.

“Paramount and Hasbro have had a longstanding relationship and we’re proud of the success we’ve enjoyed on the Transformers and G.I. Joe franchises,” said Brad Grey, Chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures in a prepared statement. “We’re excited to grow our agreement and make even more movies based upon these popular and powerful Hasbro characters and their worlds.”

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