Houston Astros’ World Series game-used memorabilia still commanding big money via MLB Auctions

It’s been more than a month since the Houston Astros won the World Series but the action is still relatively intense over on MLB Auctions.

Or at least some of the bidding and instant-purchase prices look that way.

Dugout lineup cards for Games 5-7 are up for auction at the moment via the site and end in three days. Game 7 leads the way at $911 after 18 bids, while Game 5 is $810 after 14 bids and Game 6 sits at $520 after just two.

Those have nothing on some of the other game-used items, though.

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Game-used dirt watches? Why not …

Game-used-dirt-watch-MLB-4It seems dirt is everywhere you look if you’re a baseball collector shopping the game-used sections of websites and MLB Auctions.

You can buy game-used baseballs that were a pitch in the dirt. You can buy dirt holiday ornaments and dirt keychains. You can buy simple vials of dirt with labels noting the stadium. You can buy dirt coasters. You can buy framed game-used displays that include a dirt capsule along with other pieces. You can buy simpler (and cheaper) no-frills items that showcase dirt. The best pieces, of course, are dirt-covered game-used uniforms.

But that’s not all — at least if you’re a fan of two teams. It’s time for something really different there.

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It’s a dirty job, but MLB will do it …

RedSox2013It’s a dirty job, but MLB‘s got to do it.

Fans of World Series teams and All-Star Game hosts in recent years can remember their big events with game-used dirt jars that can be found via buy-it-now listings MLB Auctions.

Sure, they are novelty items — but for casual collectors these small items will stand out as something both unique and affordable.

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