‘A League of Their Own’ 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray package includes bonuses for collectors

If you’re a fan of A League of Their Own or a collector of baseball movie memorabilia, you may need to head to a Walmart.

That’s where you can find a recently released exclusive 25th anniversary Blu-ray/DVD package of the popular Penny Marshall film and it includes baseball cards as well as other extras.

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‘Trading Cards’ return on Friday with new wave of cardboard icons


The Trading Cards are back — and this time they are in packs.

Long-time readers of The Buzz probably remember California-based illustrator Cuyler Smith whose Trading Cards bring the stars of the reel world (memorable sports movies) to real life using nods to memorable sports card designs from the past.

He’s back with a new show — and a new wave of cardboard — arriving on Friday.

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