Buzz Collector Profile: John Heckert, a 12-year-old Cleveland (& more) fan

DSCN1761John Heckert
Website: None
Work away from cards: 
Collecting since: 

Main focuses: I collect mainly baseball and football cards, but I collect a bit of basketball and hockey. Also autographs.

Favorite players/teams: My favorite player is Grady Sizemore and my favorite baseball team is the Cleveland Indians. Although he’s a free agent, I decided to start a collection of him a few months ago. For football, my favorite player is Golden Tate and my favorite team is the Detroit Lions. I also like the Browns.

Current collecting projects: I am collecting Grady Sizemore cards and I have decided to try to get the complete 1967 Philadelphia football set because I like the look of the design. My goal is to add 10 cards a year and make it a project that won’t cost a ton but take a while.

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