Kevin Smith adds Signature Series jerseys to merchandising empire — and ‘game-used’ sales for charity

Your Kevin Smith cosplay just got a lot easier.

The movie-maker, TV personality, podcast king and former convenience-store clerk who made the No. 37 more famous in film than on the football field has launched a series custom hockey sweaters that add just another dimension to his marketing machine that would make George Lucas proud. (Or sue somebody.)

The Kevin Smith Signature Series consists of 12 jerseys ranging from a few pop culture and sports parodies to blatant plugs for his films ranging from Clerks back in 1994 to a still-forthcoming flick called Moose Jaws.

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Celebrity autographs just might be easier to find than you think

When it comes to autographs in the sports world, there are plenty of ways that collectors and the autograph industry itself has helped commodify ink.

In other words, there are a number of common items that are commonly signed that help us all figure a common value that we’d expect to pay or expect to get if we have to sell something we own. Jerseys, balls, helmets, cards, photos — there are a lot of ways to collect sports autographs.

But for celebrity autographs, it’s a lot less complicated as the 8-by-10 photo is arguably the most-commonly solid piece across the whole spectrum of television, movies and others of note who we might find, say, at a comic book convention or other similarly organized signing session. Not all films have massive toy lines, not all celebs have book deals and TV shows often don’t have posters you can find all that easily.

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