Buzz Poll: Which of these Kevin Costner autographs wins?


Now that 2016 Topps Allen & Ginter has arrived, we get our second of the Kevin Costner autographed movie cards released by Topps this year.

While his Allen & Ginter card is not branded as a Field of Dreams card on the front, it does list (Ray) Kinsella as his name on the front. His 2016 Topps Archives card is clearly a Bull Durham card for the memorable Crash Davis character.

Both are memorable movies, which leads to a question of pure curiosity here … which one would you want? Tell Buzz here on the poll or via Twitter.

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Kevin Costner’s first certified autos coming in 2015 Leaf Trinity boxes

KevinCostnerIf he signs it, they will come.

Leaf Trading Cards revealed on Friday that it has the first certified autographs of actor Kevin Costner found in packs of the upcoming 2015 Leaf Trinity baseball product.

Other than occasional cuts, he had never signed for a card company.

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