Shohei Ohtani autographs are on the way … but which one arrives first?

Shohei Ohtani autographs are on the way and there’s only one question left for Topps to reveal.

Which one’s first?

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Buzz Poll: Does Mike Trout’s first visit to the disabled list worry you?

For the first time in his big-league career, the biggest-selling star in MLB is headed to the disabled list — and it’s with a torn thumb ligament that needs surgery.

With Mike Trout cards — particularly his 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft autos — trading at record highs, there are bound to be some worries. (Here’s where it’s being discussed over on the Blowout Forums.)

Could this be the type of injury that affects his performance now and in the future? Or is it something that gives collectors a chance to catch their breath and maybe land some big cards cheaper than they might have otherwise been?

Tell us what you think in our polls below or via a comment here or on Twitter.

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Konrad Reuland’s legacy lives on with Hall of Famer Rod Carew

Odds are you don’t know the name Konrad Reuland.

He enrolled at Notre Dame in 2006 with dreams of gridiron glory but had no recorded statistics in seven games played. He transferred to Stanford where he caught 27 balls for 351 yards and a touchdown over two seasons.

The tight end went undrafted in 2011 but caught on with four NFL teams over five seasons, mostly practice-squad work, but he did play in 30 games (starting four) for the Jets and Ravens — the last coming in 2015.

But these aren’t the reasons you could now hear his name.

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Gallery: 2017 MLB spring training & batting practice caps from New Era


A new baseball season is nearly here with the first spring training games set to air later this month and that’s when we’ll see the newest players on their new teams.

And many of them will be wearing new uniforms — well, at least new caps.

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Buzz Poll: Looking back in time, which Bo did you prefer to know?


Bo was one of the biggest stars of the 1980s as a college football star, a professional baseball and football star and a marketing star. Everybody knew his name and they still know why.

And then suddenly one day it was gone.

Sure, Vincent Edward Jackson played some baseball after his final NFL game — that hip injury was 26 years ago tomorrow — but he was never the same. And in an interview today he had a different take on his career.

“If I knew back then what I know now,” he told USA TODAY Sports, “I would have never played football. Never. I wish I had known about all of those head injuries, but no one knew that. And the people that did know that, they wouldn’t tell anybody.”

His career as a pro — in both sports — lasted less than a decade but he’s easily one of the biggest icons of his time. It’s a story worth checking out if you missed it and it’s worth revisiting if you didn’t.

Here, though, we simply have one bit of curiosity presented below.

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Topps Now goes big with David Ortiz autos & Gary Sanchez Relics

artbb-16c2s-16tn-0389f-1_1It might be the biggest (Papi) day in Topps Now history.

For the first time, Today’s Topps Now lineup includes autographs that can be purchased outright — David Ortiz — and Relics for the hard-hitting New York Yankees rookie Gary Sanchez on the same day as part of a 14-card offering.

Ortiz autos start at $199.99 for his card limited to 99 copies all the way up to a $999.99 1/1 card that is already sold out.

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Ever wonder what a big-league collector’s stash looks like? Take a tour of Hector Santiago’s collection

SantiagoLos Angeles Angels pitcher Hector Santiago didn’t grow up a collector as a kid in New Jersey, but all it took was a pair of New York Yankees jerseys to start a collection.

Now he’s known as “Hector The Collector” to his teammates.

Fox Sports West recently caught up with him to go inside his hobby room. Check it out … after the jump.

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A serious Mike Trout collector must own Mike Trout’s first truck … right?

23338a_lgIf you know a Mike Trout collector who needs everything, then they might need this.

It’s a 2000 Ford Ranger which was given to Trout when he got his first driver’s license, and it’s among the items being sold in the latest Goldin Auctions sale that coincides with this year’s National Sports Collectors Convention.

No, really.

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In the Now: 2016 Topps Now baseball cards changing game (checklist & ongoing gallery)

2016-Topps-Now-12-Nomar-MazaraTopps‘ new program creating real baseball cards in real time documenting the highlights of the here and now have caught on with some collectors as this season has begun with some historic starts and impressive debuts for MLB rookies.

It’s 2016 Topps Now and the cards are only available for a 24-hour window. After that, the population reports are released and the next day’s cards are unveiled — all in made-to-order, real-time fashion.

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It’s a dirty job, but MLB will do it …

RedSox2013It’s a dirty job, but MLB‘s got to do it.

Fans of World Series teams and All-Star Game hosts in recent years can remember their big events with game-used dirt jars that can be found via buy-it-now listings MLB Auctions.

Sure, they are novelty items — but for casual collectors these small items will stand out as something both unique and affordable.

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Collectors vote Mike Trout as card No. 1 in 2016 Topps baseball card set

TroutCardNo1When 2016 Topps Series 1 baseball cards arrive on Wednesday, leading the way in the set will be Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout.

Trout was voted card No. 1 by collectors and Topps revealed that nugget about its 65th-anniversary release on Thursday.

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“It’s awesome,” Trout said in a prepared release. “I appreciate the support from fans across MLB. It’s pretty special to be the No. 1 card for Topps.”

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eBay Buzz: This perfect Mike Trout 2009 Bowman Chrome Refractor Autograph is how much?

MikeTroutBGS10-10Mike Trout is among MLB’s active elite and his first standard Bowman Chrome autograph is topped by only one card in the Chrome world — a much-rarer Albert Pujols 2001 auto limited to only 500 copies.

So, naturally, one question comes to mind seeing this Refractor parallel of Trout’s debut card, which is on eBay right now. Just how much can this sell for?

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Andrelton Simmons autographs might be big winner after trade sending him to Los Angeles

SimmonsOn Wednesday, Atlanta shortstop Andrelton Simmons picked up the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year award. On Thursday, he picked up his stuff and headed to Los Angeles as the Braves traded him to the Angels for a pair of pitching prospects, Sean Newcomb and Chris Ellis, as well as shortstop Erick Aybar.

Could Simmons’ autographs be picking up next?

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