Bo Derek & Joe Namath in an NBA box? Yep, thanks to Panini Rewards …

A funny thing happened recently when I ripped into a box of 2016-17 Panini Studio basketball cards.

I pulled cards of Joe Namath and Bo Derek.

No, really. My Derek was an autograph and my Namath was a patch card from a Los Angeles Rams jersey — cards that I’d always eyed here and there but didn’t expect to be able to land from a box of NBA cards.

How’d it happen? I pulled them via Panini Rewards points.

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Three newly drafted quarterbacks grace new Sports Illustrated covers in their NFL uniforms for first time

ChimQ1qW4AAmKWO.jpg-largeThe SI Cover Jinx is on. (Just kidding.)

Three notable quarterbacks taken in this year’s NFL Draft will be found in their new uniforms on the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated in a series of solo covers.

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Buzz Poll: Are Pro Football Hall of Fame mini busts cool or creepy?

NamathAmong the items in the Pro Football Hall of Fame‘s online gift shop are a series of five mini busts that Buzz couldn’t help but be drawn to.

Why? Buzz can’t figure out whether they are cool or creepy.

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