UFC 200’s wildcard Brock Lesnar has cards from several fields

Brock-Lesnar-NFLThe “Biggest, Baddest Card Ever” is how tonight’s UFC 200 is billed and it’s had its fair share of drama when it comes to the card itself.

And there’s plenty of cardboard to be found for it, too, with Topps on site for the UFC Expo with promo cards (though not as many as it had planned due to the Jon Jones-forced card change) and it will have even more cardboard with the launch of Topps Now UFC with this event.

But the one player on the card tonight in Las Vegas who doesn’t have any new cards — but should figure into the show prominently win or lose — is current WWE fighter Brock Lesnar, who is making a one-time (or is it?) return to the Octagon with his organization’s approval (or is it the sign of something more?) for the fight. (Update: Lesnar has been added to the Topps Now debut checklist after his win.)

He’s got plenty of cardboard.

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