Board Buzz: Must-read threads on the Blowout Forums (July 7)

The Blowout Cards Forums are where thousands of collectors converge daily to discuss, well, a little bit of everything. Here are a few threads about collecting and more that you should check out right now.

What’s Buzzing Today: Cody Bellinger’s RC arrival, anticipating Allen & Ginter, Ultimate hockey, Dak Prescott’s alleged autopens, Bob Dylan, the National & more.

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Topps is returning to the comic book business … with Garbage Pail Kids


Younger collectors may not know it, but there was a time when Topps published comic books and magazines

And that time is back with the first issue of Garbage Pail Kids issue No. 1 — “The Worst of 2016” — which is being sold only initially via The books are $19.99 with a pair of stickers (Grim Jim and Nervous Rex) also included. A discount is available for those buying five copies of the book. It will be printed to order just like its other recent online GPK releases, according to the company’s site.

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Show exclusives: Can there be too much of a good thing?

comic-con-logochuckRozanskiSan Diego Comic-Con has come and gone and Mile High Comics owner Chuck Rozanski offered some interesting thoughts on one facet of the event that has continued to grow over the years as it has exploded into way more than simply a comic book show.


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Auction of rarest Star Wars comic book ever made will help raise money for Syrian refugees

VaderDownAs you may have seen here on The Buzz last month, this single copy of Star Wars Vader Down No. 1 sold for $3,739 on eBay. (No, really, go look.) Why? Because it’s estimated to be limited to only 12 copies and it was only available to dealers who ordered 4,999 copies of the standard book to get one.

Something even more impressive? An auction of a signed copy ending tonight (Dec. 6) will probably top that sale.

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This might be the rarest Star Wars comic book ever … and it just sold for $3,739 in an eBay auction

VaderDownVariant editions of comic books are sometimes the Superfractors of that world, commanding crazy cash because of their scarcity and, of course, demand for them.

While this copy of Star Wars Vader Down issue No. 1 is not a 1/1 creation, it’s estimated by those in the know to be as rare as a dozen copies because it was only available to dealers who ordered … wait for it … 4,999 copies of the standard book. You buy that many, you get one of these.

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Mile High Comics building sale prompted by Denver’s high demand for warehouses … to grow legal pot

MileHighComics110915mainMile High Comics is one of the biggest sellers of comic books and related memorabilia in the United States and it found itself in the news this week for reasons not related to the latest books or movies based on books.

chuckRozanskiMile High President Chuck Rozanski writes a weekly email/newsletter where he often discusses some of the inner workings of his Denver, Colo.-based operation that might interest collectors or  entrepreneurs while also presenting that week’s sales and new special issues.

This week, it was to explain how Denver’s real estate boom — a development thanks to the legalization of marijuana in the state and high demand for warehouses to grow the plants legally — gave him no choice but to sell one of his company’s buildings.

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