Heat NBA championship ring given to Dwyane Wade’s former mother-in-law heads to auction block

Wade2-2NBA star Dwayne Wade is in the headlines as he’s looking for a new contract either to remain with the Miami Heat or join forces with other free agents elsewhere, but no matter where he signs he’ll have enough scratch to land himself another NBA championship ring.

This one belonged to his former mother-in-law and it will be up for sale in August via SCP Auctions.

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Auction Gallery: Championship rings are the thing in current SCP sale

0893BSpring2016_lgThe current SCP Auctions sale includes items from the personal collections of Baseball Hall of Famer Don Drysdale and collections of memorabilia that include plenty of other big names, but it’s a selection of championship rings here that’s highlight-worthy.

Below is a gallery of 18 rings up for sale now and ending on April 23. Click below to enter the gallery, get a closer look, see who’s owned them and what the bidding sits at now.

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