It’s all your fault, Nintendo … but at least I’ve still got baseball cards


It’s all your fault, Nintendo.

The hottest (though seemingly non-existent) toy of the holiday season has been without question the NES Classic, a miniature modern-day version of the old Nintendo Entertainment System pre-loaded with 30 different games from the heyday of the 8-bit platform.

Buzz knew this would be big the day it was revealed months ago and I’ve checked chain stores multiple times a week in the time since its arrival last month seeking that Shangri-La Shelf where the Classic sat at its posted price of $59.99 — not the massive amounts more allegedly being paid on eBay. (Sure, some of those “sales” aren’t legit — many of them in fact — but some of the lesser high-priced sales wouldn’t shock me since I’m sure the NES Classic has caused angst for other people out there.)

There was a side effect after all this aisle-walking and checking out video games like I hadn’t done in years, if ever. It made me do something I never would have predicted months ago.

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