Gallery: 2017 MLB spring training & batting practice caps from New Era


A new baseball season is nearly here with the first spring training games set to air later this month and that’s when we’ll see the newest players on their new teams.

And many of them will be wearing new uniforms — well, at least new caps.

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New spring training unis will make memorabilia cards more exciting

Letters2Your Relics may have just gotten a little more interesting.

On Thursday, MLB revealed the new looks for all 30 teams in spring training this year and there are new touches to be found on jerseys and caps beyond the obvious new colors and logos.

For starters, all names and numbers now have a spring-themed sublimated texture as part of the material which will allow collectors to, in some cases, see when the material in their cards was used. The year, along with other spring designators, is part of the design.

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