A somber mailday from Newbury Comics … an autograph from The Cranberries’ Delores O’Riordan

This collector just had a bit of a somber mailday today as a package arrived from Newbury Comics with a couple of CDs inside.

They were copies of The Cranberries‘ album Something Else, a collection of their biggest hits from the past performed with an orchestra as well as three new songs released last year.

Each of them also came with something else, something extra, something more personal — an autograph from Dolores O’Riordan, who died Monday at age 46.

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Need a reason to buy some new CDs? How about free autographs …

Jewel-Picking-Up-The-Pieces-CD-With-Autographed-Booklet-2133643_1024x1024Many of us live in an iTunes world, jettisoning the tangible plastic and paper of CDs for a simple download, but there’s one reason why you might want to consider returning to your collecting roots and have a CD in hand.

Sometimes they can come with free autographs.

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