A Michael Conforto collector needs this 1996 Upper Deck Olympicard

Michael-mom-traci-Conforto-upper-deckMichael Conforto hasn’t had the best sophomore season but playing in New York City means there are plenty of collectors who has sought out his cardboard.

But there’s a chance many of them have missed a different Conforto that should be found along with their collection of New York Mets cardboard.

It’s a 1996 Upper Deck Olympicard of Tracie Ruiz-Conforto — his mother.

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Do you own a card of one of the NFL’s smartest players?

JohnUrschelDo you own a card of one of the NFL’s smartest players? The answer is probably not.

This week, Baltimore Ravens center John Urschel revealed that he’s pursuing a doctorate in math at MIT with a focus on Spectral Graph Theory, Numerical Linear Algebra and Machine Learning.

You clearly know what those things are … right? But what you might not know is how few football cards he appears on.

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